Barlow 1-Birth of American Journalism

The invention of the American ‘press’ and journalism rose primarily because the people needed another way of engaging in their democracy, focusing mainly on political debate than current news. My personal favorite part of the introduction is when it talks about how this new rise of work lead to the people becoming watchdogs of their elected officials. This is the most basic reason why the ‘freedom of the press’ right has been refined to what it was supposed to be today. It’s the job of the government to watch over its population but the population watches them and has just as much power of the government. Something this country may struggle with in the coming years. The rise of independent yet legitimate blogs or news sources is a great thing for the future of journalism and politics. As stated in the introduction the MSM lacked in innovation over the new possible technologies, and growing up as this happened I witnessed it first hand. The everyday person has the ability, not always the reality, however, to get enough attention of national or local attention. It also allows for progressive or other further ideas, for good or bad, to get audiences and incorporate their input into the political debates. My biggest problem with MSM is the constant power struggle for money and views. Too many times with MSM do I view valueless and rather pathetic stories published with little to no info, possibly one a sentence or two, just for the sake of saying ‘first’ to publishing a story that might get them some sort of gain.


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