Barlow 3-The Commercialization of the Press

The American press was not always for money; it was a stand alone and was not a profession. James Gordon Bennett is the primary figure attributed to reducing political discourse and instead commercializing the content within the press (p67). The good thing about blogs is that as of now no one seems to have an idea on how to make them into money machines just as people before found it for the newspapers and press (p104). We have seen farther right and left alternative presses being bought out by the big central press. They failed to stay a stand alone alternative press and had to succumb to commercialization (p103-112). Commercialization is to an extent the enemy of pure democracy; when the entities we believe are there to inform us and allow us to gain entry into discourse instead desert political ideas or worthwhile local events and turn to grinding out what sells, we lose what was intended by these entities beginning purpose. We need blogs to thrive as alternative press because they do not aim for monetary gain. Within the chapter “The Failure of the American News Media” (p114-115), the failure refers to the attitude of ‘established press’, they had cynical attitudes and seemed to believe since they were the news empires, they deserved respect. They failed to adapt to changing media and when their respect and views disappeared they panicked. This decline is beneficial to the legitimization of blogs as press media.


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