Barlow 4- Qualifications No Longer Needed

Unless you have severed all contact with majority of the human species this past 12 months; an American election happened and it was quite the international shitstorm. Assuming that you haven’t done this since you’re obviously on an internet blog I’ll skip all the fun as we heard it all. But being “unqualified” was one of the biggest internet brawls for the past several months. So if a nation’s leader can with all honesty be unqualified, why does the media feel like citizens have to be ‘qualified’ for their job. With all seriousness, professional and commercial journalism is not Big Brother and cannot see all, even today I constantly hear news outlets asking for twitter and facebook input from followers. We do your job better, we may be ‘unqualified’ but you (MSM) are not a professional in every subject you cover. We are. Everyday citizens are talking about latest scientific findings since the government associations are on an anti-science ban from yours truly, Trump.

With all seriousness, bloggers may be more qualified than most ‘professionals’. As Barlow states, “they have been taught the covering, not the topic” (p183). Professional journalists learned how to be a journalist, not an activist. They could cover an intactivist protest, but they do not know the facts and discussions as I do. Someone reporting about a psychological debate will not be as versed in it (most likely) as I will be once I complete my degrees. As you can see, Barlow showed a great failure in the media, they are professional journalists, and that’s what there are professional at being, a journalist, not a psychologist, intactivist, death with dignity activist, and so forth. We need to hold them in their place, and not move from our ground.


“funny-pictures-civil-disobedience-cat” by Paul Anderson

And we should let that resonate with the media. They are not the professionals we are. We need to show them this and let them fail. As Barlow states, if the news media fails to become well acquainted with these new technologies then they will fail. Sadly, it will be a loss for the American people in general, we still do need the MSM for the existence of the public sphere (p184). However, if we let them fail to the point of desperation, they will NEED US, hopefully, that desperation will breed unlikely trust in one another. But as Bethesda puts it in their For Honor trailer, “desperation and trust are seldom allies”. Even if it were to happen to fuse together, the watchdogs among the bloggers should still stand alert for any further existence of their elitism.


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