Project 1- Blogosphere and WordPress

Rise of the Blogosphere has taught me that the American press originated so that the people could allow a watchdog-like entity, to inform its people and no allow a public sphere of idea exchange. Over time it was commercialized so that those who were journalists now had a formal job, unlike before where it was something people did as a hobby. However, as it became commercialized politics was lessened and it became what sells the best. Commercialization and professionalism constricted the range of what they could do. The creation of the internet allowed, not caused, the rise of the blogosphere. The people took the opportunity and had slowly begun to make a movement back into citizen journalism, what the American press used to be.  The modern media has failed to keep up with technology but slowly has improved themselves, but not like the bloggers have. In fact, no one has yet to make blogs commercialized like the regular media. Which is good since the modern media has realized their failures especially during times after 9/11. If they fail, we all get hurt because whether or not we like them, the modern media still contribute to the public sphere. However, it is possible that the modern media to begin to work with the citizen journalists not just because of their freedom away from commercialization and professionalism, but because of their success and their true professionalism. Commercialized and professionalized are ‘professionals’ with journalism, not all the subjects they cover.

Within my first post, I wanted to focus on the idea of what the American press was founded for, the fact that it was not a job as much as a civic duty to inform its viewers of recent news and political matters. It gave the people a chance to watch over their government and to allow idea circulation. I also spoke of the problem I face myself with modern media and how growing up in the late 1990’s and all through the early 2000’s I first hand witnessed news media growing stagnant compared to all these amazing wonders allowed throughout the internet I was discovering. Also, I advocated for a return to citizen journalism and away from mainstream media, who seems to care more about quick and profitable stories than stories that gave quality information to its viewers, essentially giving way for “click-bait” type of news. Problems which I tend to bring up in most of my posts as a reoccurring problem I want to address.

The second post focused on Thomas Paine, the writer of Common Sense. Paine wrote in common language of his audience to ensure he was allowing all to understand and not the elites who could afford a ‘well-rounded’ literacy. He also advocated for the people of the colonies to fight against the British armies. To ensure a future of government of the people and not a monarch.

The third post I wanted to focus on my biggest issue with modern media, its commercialization. Media merely as a source of profit destroys its main purpose, it uses its viewers as open wallets, not a body that should be informed of the latest news due to the fact it impacts them.

Lastly, the fourth post focused MSM’s biggest failure, that its commercialization and professionalism has constricted itself and cannot be “god’s eyes” unlike all the people giving stories through the public sphere. If the media fails we get hurt by it too, they still interact with the public sphere. However, they are professionals in reporting, not what they cover. The public must hold them accountable for that and let them realize their weakness. Either the MSM adopts its little brothers or the bloggers and alternative press dominate.

So far with WordPress, I seem to have adapted somewhat. I’m not used to using online tools to produce literature myself. After learning easy ways of link embedding and image inserting, my blog has taken a better look than the original. My blog is Crown the People, a Marxist-like blog advocating for the majority of a nation’s citizen to control more of their lives than they do as of now. MSM irks me enough as is, especially due to the commercialization part of them. If the people controlled it for the main purpose of what it was intended for at first it would better benefit the whole of society. The blog is themed black and red, because why not? Great color scheme and when anyone thinks of ‘dirty commie’ it is always the color red. The revolution fist image for the obvious reasons. I renamed “Home” to “Homefront” for the idea that the public sphere is a combat zone and the idea that the people need to fight aginst “X” whatever it is I bring up. My main issues with WordPress is the limited customization of my page, without buying a package I cannot seem to create as ‘legitimate’ looking page or blog as I have seen or as the class blog is.


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