Jaffe Response 1-Social Movements

Most of what Jaffe is reporting I have heard of. It is impossible to exist in this day and age and not know big entities such as Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and The Tea Party. The smaller one she talks about, and one I already forget its details, where the company employees were told they were all going to get laid off so they had a sit in at work I have never heard of. But something that was amazing and I hope to see even more of in the coming times.


“American Exceptionalism?” by Occupy* Protestors, Flickr

I very closely followed Occupy Wall Street for a while. Jaffe’s writing is not biased, against the movements, nor does she only take the perspective of the ‘researcher’ like most media outlets today who give small hiccups of the peoples’ voice and decide their fate on how they feel. She seems to give most of the ‘talking space’ to the people she witnessed and interviewed. Being born into a very democratic immediate family, I grew up hating the Tea Party, still will most likely, however, Jaffe shows that they stem from the same problem. The Tea party rose during the Bush administration which they complained was too supportive of ‘big government’, something conservatives are usually against. The Tea Party founders rallied at the same practical issue of Occupy, the Wall Street bailouts. The two are at opposite sides of the spectrum but the same fundamental issue. However, this is where I get the problem, Wall Street takes a more socialist fix to the solution why the conservatives are against that. Wall Street seems to point to the rich and bankers for the problem while I’m confused with Tea Party because online I usually see many racist and hate for minority groups. Which is why I grew up disliking them so much.




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