Jaffe Response 3- Red Scare and Revitalization Movements

Some of my biggest takeaways from Jaffe’s seem to support my main fears going into it. There were some new enlightenments, however. Something new was how big the bank bailouts and final crisis affected all those across the political spectrum, not that I am dumbfounded that anyone can be the victim, it’s not that. More the fact that both sides of the party thought this problem was unaccepted to hurt the working families while bailing out big business. Growing up I saw the Tea Party as those old white racists who want pre-civil rights movement life again. Sadly, there is a decent amount of racist ideology in it that Jaffe explains the sane right-wingers went after to stop but seemed to fail. But Tea Partiers hated the bank bailout as much as little middle school/high school socialist me. I quick fell in love with Occupy, even though as it grew older I left it due to them accepting abuse from authority, sometimes peaceful protests don’t always work.

Jaffe also only fortified my Marxist fears of money within politics and all these anti-protest counters to help give power and money to those above. Big money and authority fed off Red Scare fear to benefit itself and simply narrow a spectrum of ‘acceptable’ ideas. To pit people against each other to create a hostile environment of “you’re on your own” mentality to fight against workers who fought for socialist ideas in the early and middle 1900’s (p199-201).

Jaffe lays out post-2008 activism as a rebirth of the old activism that was shut down, mainly because the growing adults of my generation do not crack to the red scare fear politics and out distrust at powerful businesses within capitalism. Occupy fighting for livable wages and better worker’s rights are the same as the shutdown workers rights movements during the red scare in chapter 7. These were not isolated “I am bored let me just do something over here”, they’re revitalization movements of what was sadly put down before my time.


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