M&SJ Response 4- Conspiracy Theories or Facts?

Drawing and Effacing Boundaries and Media Democracy in Action were two of the most interesting reads from this book. I enjoyed much more but these two were great.

The problem within Dunbar-Hester’s work Drawing and Effacing Boundaries is that we have many different organizations and movements that focus on specific ideas or reforms that they try to push. It is almost evident to find some that are very closely related and advocate within the same realm. However, there may be slight differences but differences matter (MSJ, p. 207). One big problem is that one group may criticize the other groups end goal or worldview which abrupts any reality of univocality within the movements (MSJ, p. 197). This is a bigger problem I will go into in my next post. But this problem creates more frustration towards the groups and in my opinion hinder their mission in the first place.

Lastly, Media Democracy in Action by Huff and Phillips. While reading this chapter I felt as if it was myself talking to me. Although I’m not a 9/11 truther, I do agree there is obviously some weird unexplainable things that I wish was mainstream discourse through the media, but it isn’t (MSJ, p.250). Media focusing on trivial garbage such as “Look at (celebrity), they’re so different now!” Well, I would assume that as one ages, they might gain weight and look older, who know right? Why not talk about those who can’t age because they are part of the huge population in poverty and those who starve to death. We claim in America to hold a mighty War on Terror, yet we do not see a modest War on Starvation or poverty within in duty (MSH, p.243-244). American corporate media glosses over stories and limits what we are told. These media push the ‘trusted’ news slogans all over their work but we can’t really trust it if they serve us a buffet of garbage and throw away the most important stories they should be working on (MSJ, p.252).


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