Final Project Post 3 – Activism in Action

My first post of this project can be found here. It focuses on the spectrum of activism and tries to show why we need different types of activism and how one is not greater than the other.

My previous post can be found here, which focus on laying out and defining some tools of activism.

By now I hope you can feel that activism isn’t inherently better than others due to prior exposure to its forms. We need many different tactics to blend and stand alone sometimes to allow expression, the passage of knowledge, or pressure a change.

I went to a local protest on Earth Day for the global protest March for Science, which was a distributed action due to it being spread across the globe in many instances and clumped on social media to show its widespread support for science to be respected and funded. It was also a direct action as it surrounded one main theme and was set locally around a center area for each community that hosted one. The local direct action ensured that local representatives heard the word of the people while the distributed action of the global March for Science showcased the widespread support of science and how it is not a small problem, it is a global problem.

As serious as the dependency on fossil fuels is or the fact Trump denies the majority of the world’s experts in the field, this activism does not have to be depressing, dark, and stern. Other than myself and my friend, I saw many creative ways of protesting mixed with very serious signs and speeches.

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There were many great serious speeches and many signs that are the usual “Fight for Science”, “Facts cannot be Ignored”, and many others. But the creative group that showed up is not any less serious. We want to poke fun and enjoy life even when having to fight for a better life. While using already known stories and symbols to criticize stances we cannot support.

The picture with the dinosaur is my favorite, as the little girl looks at the dinosaur in curiosity little does she know the dangers of her future. My friend and I sporting Pokemon and Magic the Gathering themes signs are trying to get new understandings of what is happening, we can get angry and protest but if we use our fantasy worlds to understand our real worlds, kids and nerds can better understand the real life story. Whether it be a Pokemon trainer wandering the world with no Pokemon or the people of Kaladesh revolting against the oppressive Consulate to secure a future of innovations and inventions. Kids could imagine a Pokemon game where there are no Pokemon, is that the world they want to live in? They can learn from connections to other worlds they do understand to better understand this one.

We need to support creativeness for without it, we are only to ever have stagnation. We need those brave few to organize and ask others for support, those who put themselves in physical danger to fight oppression, and those creative who can nurture knowledge and be outright smart asses.

If we want a world that works together, we need activists that work together.


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